CRM for sport clubs – tailored to meet supporter expectations

CRM for sport clubs – tailored to meet supporter expectations

Sport clubs are not only about sport but most importantly relate to an extremely profitable business. They have up and running sales and promotion departments, solid marketing and PR support, customers as supporters, sponsors and partners. In the first place, sport clubs pursue their plans and aspirations and on top of that care about profitability and new sales channels.

Your supporters, your customers

The main objective of each company is to boost profit. Not only does it refer to creating new business lines but also retention of the current ones. Assuming that every supporter is an individual customer who expects high level of service, club which is aware of that fact opens various opportunities to pursue its actions and maximize profits. Encouraging supporters to purchase carnets (stable, predictable income) combined with marketing activities such as newsletters, events, subscriptions and unlimited access to information about club, may occur to be a formidable and a time – consuming challenge without having the right support. Adding e-commerce (properly managed and tailored can boost a huge profit) may end up in marketing department being snowed under! A Salesforce support tool may ease your hardship.

What can you achieve with Salesforce?

Salesforce is a tool that supports marketing and sales of clubs on various levels. First of all, it is scalable and intuitive, secondly, facilitates information management and processes, thirdly, enhances marketing and sales. Salesforce is the most effective, the most popular and most acclaimed CRM in the world. How does it work? Imagine that a new season is about to begin. A club wishes every existing customer bought or prolonged his season ticket. To entice him to do so he may craft a customized marketing action, taking into account accrued knowledge he has about this supporter. Using data about this particular fan, his preferences and previous statistics Salesforce, by means of various solutions e.g. Einstein Analytics is able to prompt additional actions such as VIP boxes, a proposal of organizing a business meeting during a sport event or a special discount for shopping in an e-shop with a selected range of products. Salesforce analysis will allow you to fast-track a preparation of a customized offer meeting even the most discerning needs 

Create and engage loyal community

Each club that wishes to take full advantage of its avid spectators must ascertain two things: a sport value and on top of that a high level of customer service which provides a feeling of belonging and assures customer money has been spent well. Especially right now when a typical profit from one match is no longer foreseeable but it constitutes a pivotal element of overall revenue. Having said that, each and every supporter should be treated individually and feel an inherent part of a club he supports. It may be ensured by Social Studio – a Salesforce solution which helps you integrate with popular social communicators, where every suggestion or remark will be noticed and processed in line with customer expectations.

It is not all about supporters

Clubs do not depend solely on supporters, they encompass a great deal of partners, sponsors and service providers. They constitute relations you need to manage well. Activities within that scope may bring your club significant gains. The underlying aspect of its effectiveness is data aggregation in one place, scrutiny, screening and most importantly drawing conclusions or making predictions for the future events.

Why do you need Salesforce?

Salesforce has plenty of ready business applications (sales cloud, service cloud, community cloud, commerce cloud) and it is easy to integrate it with other IT solutions e.g. ticket systems. Functional CRM will come in handy when developing business aspirations, support marketing and sales. FC Koln has been already capitalizing on Salesforce functionality. Legia Warszawa as the first Polish club noticed an incredible potential of Salesforce and has been utilizing it for its benefits. Join a group of users of the most effective and most acclaimed CRM in the world.   

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